Strange map-generation bug in Minecraft 1.4.2

Hey all. This note will be in English cos I hope that Mojang Team will pay attention for it.

What happened? Big crevice is very close to my spawn-place on the left. Still left — very long line 1 chunk in width, from south-west to north-east. It runs through 3 biomes. In the end of line is jungle, but around the jungle is desert!

(spawn is not on this screenshot, this is end of bug-line)

Have you ever imagined that your new generated minecraft map will have this bug by default?

This strange fact was found by me on new «fresh»-generated map. Seed — 130893antonio. Just look at this screenshots and say what can it be?..
So, it’s just new MC version, nothing hasn’t bugs. I believe it will be fixed soon. And I hope this screenshots/map shall help Mojang.

P.S. I assure you that I did not use any map editors. But, unfortunately, I cannot approve this.
(original PNGs and this map in my Dropbox)

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